The shooting at the Lekki toll gate could be interpreted as an act of communication. This perspective will help us understand the event with an open mind, free of bias. In this way, we do not fall victim to burdens of proof. The facts considered will be limited to the attributes of the media event. We will solve the Lekki puzzle by determining if it was an intentional act to sway public opinion and behaviour, or an act of punitive violence. We will understand the Lekki tollgate shooting by what it intended to accomplish. Further, I will entertain the…


Nigeria has been in a state of war since 1966. Following 21 years of democracy, most aspects of Nigerian life remain militarized. I wish to grapple with the militarization of the Nigerian society, wrestle with political change, and combat the problem of Nigeria given the #Endsars protests. I aim to convince you that the problem of Nigeria is the militarization of them basic domains of our social life. I support the claim that this development was a premeditated strategy of the colonial rulers to divide and rule. It is the instrument of colonial control that has been hijacked by Nigeria’s…

Nigerians are teaching the world how to conduct a peaceful protest. Yet again, Nigerians are showing that, what the rest of the world does, can be done better. When Nigerians unite, it will be vibrant and innovative. That’s what I wrote before the protest took another less colourful direction.

Mention another spontaneous protest in history that could pressure an oppressive government into dialogue, in under a week. None? Buhari’s government responded to some demands! The abolition of Sars, the release of arrested protesters and a presidential address. Surely, it is just a hollow reaction aimed at quelling protester agitation and…

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An examination of the crisis response from the Nigerian government on the #EndSARS protest shows a halfhearted commitment to conflict resolution. Another observation is the reluctance to dialogue with the people about legitimate concerns in society. My opinion is that this crisis is such an extreme case that no crisis response strategy is capable of deflecting the fatal reputation and legitimacy damage facing the police or the government. My premise is that a surrender to the will of the people, through dialogue, is one of only two avenues for the resolution of this crisis. …

Nigerian Neo-Soul: Ticket to Anywhere EP by April Maey

Album Cover
Album Cover

There’s no skipping this one. You can set this five-track Album to random order and it won’t change its feel. Ticket to Anywhere was released in March 2020 by April Maey. Similar to April, her music blossoms like daffodils in springtime. The dreamy character of her voice over jazzy Lo-fi beats installs a calming musical environment. The production is crisp on many levels. From the use of silence, distortion as well as the depth of backup vocals, without dampening output. The piano melodies are captivating in their simplicity. They feel familiar and new at the same time.

The track Sunshine

I listened to “B” by Jessie Jagz five consecutive times, at least. I scarcely do that for any song. Ask Spotify. Walahi, I swear. The song gave me this J.cole, Tupak inspired feeling from the 2016 song “Deja vu”. It was not executed strangely though. The song has its own feel. A Jos, dark, reflective, conscious kind of New York feel. And a remarkable hook.

I had never knowingly considered why the word hook implies the chorus of a song. Rationally, it is the section of the song that hooks the listener. Like a fish, once it has bitten the…

Split you say? And you are from northern Nigeria? I can tell from your name and tribal marks. Right, you are a Kanuri. Perhaps you underestimate our predicament. You do not? Well, in any event, I agree with you. I believe that anybody praying for the unity of Nigeria is actually against Nigeria. Those that advocate splitting the country are pro-Nigeria. This is my view on the matter. However, I would recommend that this division should be done in the absence of hostility. Split yes, however with proper trade deals and other vital agreements. In all fairness, should this materialize…

Ioannis Akingonte

A Vagabond who can’t write fiction. Born on Mt. Olympus. Grew up on West Africa’s highest point above water. Live in a town of rebels. Interested in paradoxes.

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